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Our home should reflect that which moves us and makes us feel comfortable, inspired, and grounded. Achieving a healthy and more aesthetically pleasing environment can be powerful, inspirational and even healing. Interior design is both the art and the science that can make that happen by enhancing our living space with design elements.

Using tools of color, texture, balance, and spacial management, an exceptional interior designer can make it look easy. It takes a special gift to craft the space that can address our needs and appeal to our emotions. 

Bay Interior Design can work with you to enhance your current space or to transition you to an all-new home design.

We always work toward your goals and within your budget.

Let us know your interest and we will contact you to see what works best for you.



  • Bay Interior Design will work with you to transform your space into your dream home.

  • We can also work specifically with “focus-areas” or we can work with you to re-design your whole home.

  • We focus on your top priority areas with diligent attention to your budget.

  • We can work with your existing inventory and style, or we can re-design with a new style that better suites your current taste and lifestyle.






  • Staging helps your home appeal to the maximum number of buyers in your market.

  • It prompts buyers to linger and to imagine themselves living there.

  • Staging helps you sell your home faster and helps you maximize your profits!




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“ I had the pleasure of meeting Candi Wahidi and having my home decorated by her. Candi’s positive, easy going personality made this process fun and stress free! My house feels and looks like a new house! She did an amazing job color coordinating and putting everything together so well!

Even though I have always thought I had some good design abilities... I would have never thought of some beautiful design done by Candi. This was the best decision and best way to spend money. I finally feel happy and comfortable at home. Every time I look at my house... it gives me a sense of comfort, peacefulness, and happiness.

Creative. Artistic. Professional. Happiness. Home. 

Jennifer W.

Walnut Creek, CA







When Candi was gifted with a doll house as a child, she immediately immersed herself in making curtains, building chairs, and furnishing her new home. She was completely absorbed in each and every detail. From that time on, her zeal for the art of design has never waned. Her creative career was off on an early and exciting trajectory!


Candi has devoted years to fashion, merchandising, spacial planning, color management, and interior design. She has a passion for color, fabric, texture, and design and she diligently follows design and color trends. In recent years, she has been an in-house designer for a retail outlet as well as an independent interior design consultant.


Bringing a degree of sophistication to each of her projects, Candi's customers consistently praise her results and attest to her talents and sterling work ethic. We consistently hear that her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to work with – whether collaborating on a design project, an occupied staging, a vacant home or model home staging.


She is an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has earned the respect of her peers.

Connect with us below and let us know how Candi and her team can help you with your design or staging needs.

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